A way to worship, a way to learn, a way to serve, a way to enjoy…

The way of Grace!


In the first century of the Church, “The Way” became a title for followers of Jesus,” the name of their belief before the term “Christian” was used (Acts 9:2). As “The Way,” Grace UMC is moving forward as a satellite location to expand the Kingdom of God outside of North Augusta, where we can focus further on the mission of Jesus Christ. The neighborhoods and communities in the Sweetwater area are invited to participate in the events and activities at the Sweetwater Road property.

Located on the corner of Sweetwater and Randall Roads, “The Way” offers many opportunities to reach out to the neighborhoods in the Sweetwater area.  From the Fall Festival to the Easter Sunrise Service, many events in between are experienced by many people in the Sweetwater community. People in the nearby neighborhoods enjoy games, food, serving and worship through many unique events. Grace United Methodist Church hosts “The Way” at our Sweetwater property. We are now occasionally holding casual worship services, and will soon be having a monthly coffee house-style gathering. Call to receive our monthly newsletter for events and activities.
For more information, contact Rev. Randall Haase.
Fall Festival
Easter Sunrise Service
Feeding the Fox Creek Football Team
Outdoor Worship

The Way to “The Way!”