Ministries of Grace

Welcome to Grace United Methodist Church! We are a church that offers so many choices. In John 6:35, Jesus said, …”I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry…” People eat bread to satisfy physical hunger and sustain physical life. We can can satisfy spiritual hunger and sustain spiritual life only by a right relationship with Jesus Christ. No wonder he called himself the bread of life. But bread must be eaten to give life, and Christ must be invited into our daily walk to give spiritual life. 
To those who are growing in their spiritual life, there is a lot of bread for your nourishment and nurture contained in the walls of Grace. You are encouraged to get a copy of our most recent Connections Catalog and to use this website to look over the many mission and ministry opportunities that are available to you. As always, your ministers and entire church staff are here to help. Everyone has a place- especially you!
Some of our ministries are highlighted below. For a full list of exciting ministry opportunities, see the navigation bar.