Training for Volunteers to Work with Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adults

Basic Instructions for Application to Work with Children, Youth or Vulnerable Adults at Grace United Methodist Church (GUMC) This process must be completed by every volunteer with children or youth each October.

The Safe Sanctuaries Computer Training Material for GUMC involves four steps. Please complete all four steps in order to become a volunteer in the children and youth programs at GUMC. All adults 18 years or older (participants, volunteers or staff persons) who have regular and direct contact with children, youth and vulnerable adults shall complete this training. During the first year of this Policy’s implementation (2011) staff persons and volunteers will submit to the screening procedures described in this document. Following the first year of this Policy’s implementation, all new applicants, persons who have a break in service of one or more years and those with 3 or more years since their last background check shall submit to the screening procedures.
All forms and reference reports shall be kept as part of an applicant’s personnel file. All applications and related forms must be completed prior to service. In the event that a reference follow up is accomplished by phone, detailed notes of the conversation should also be included in the personnel file. It is highly recommended that an applicant’s Social Security Card is verified prior to sending forms to Conference office. When the Conference is hosting an event for which the local church is responsible for chaperones, all communications regarding the event will contain language specifying these procedures as MINIMUM BASIC GUIDELINES for all adults serving as chaperones at the event.
These forms will be mailed/returned along with the agreement to comply statement (Step Four) to the GUMC secretary.
Review the following Safe Sanctuaries forms and indicate your understanding of and intent to use them by clicking on header and reading through the forms:
Report of Inappropriate Behavior by Child or Youth: This form should be completed by any adult who observes inappropriate behavior by a child or youth under their supervision at GUMC or GUMC sponsored functions. Grace Accident Report :This form is used to report a minor or major injury to a child or youth under the supervision of GUMC staff or volunteers.
Report of Suspected Child Abuse: Every staff member or volunteer of GUMC is REQUIRED BY LAW to report suspected incidents of child abuse in the life of a child or youth, whether or not the suspected incident occurs on GUMC property or while a child is under our supervision. This form provides space to document the suspected abuse and the telephone numbers for immediate reporting.


Read Grace UMC Safe Sanctuary Training Manual Print and sign the agreement to comply statement. Return it along with the Volunteer Application for Working with Children or Youth, The Grace United Methodist Covenant Form and the Authorizations for the conduct of criminal records background


Forms must be completed on paper and original copies must be mailed/returned to the church secretary.

Mail or return the completed forms to:

Grace United Methodist Church

Attention: Church Secretary

639 Georgia Avenue

North Augusta, South Carolina 29841