Holy Week Wordle 2022

Holy Week Wordle – stretch your mind, build community, and feed your soul!

New to Wordle?
You have 6 tries to guess the 5-letter word of the day! To enter a guess using your computer keyboard, click on the first box, type your first guess and hit enter. OR You can tap on the letters below followed by the enter button.  If any of the letters are green, the letters are in the correct spot. If any of the letters are yellow, then the letters are in the word but not in the correct spot. Gray letters mean the letters are not in the word. You get one game per device. 

Let’s see who can guess the Holy Week word each day!

You can find the Wordle of the Day in a post on our Grace UMC Facebook page or by visiting here on the Grace UMC website. 

Here’s how to share your results!

Once you solve the puzzle, post a screenshot of your results to your personal Facebook page and tag our Grace UMC page by typing @GotGraceUMC and select Grace UMC/North Augusta.  

 To start a game, click on the “Holy Week Wordle” icon for the correct day. 

Palm Sunday (April 10)

Monday, April 11

 Tuesday, April 12

 Wednesday, April 13

 Maundy Thursday (April 14)

 Good Friday (April 15)

 Saturday, April 16

 Easter Sunday (April 17)

Adult Ministries would like to thank the following people for sharing their writing gifts with our Grace family through this project: 
  • Allison Outlaw
  • Barbara Seaborn
  • Carol Smith
  • Cheryl May
  • Heather Vaught
  • Megan Stafford
  • Ray Walker