Gathering of Views

In the fall of last year, the Church Council of Grace UMC received a request from a group of members to provide a space for discussions on how views on human sexuality impact the greater United Methodist Church, and specifically our church.  After much discussion, the final motion made called for meetings to be held to provide three theological perspectives on human sexuality, specifically regarding LGBTQ+ issues and the impact on the church.  At the Council’s direction, Ray Walker (then Chair of Council) and Amber Forrest (then Chair of Education), were charged with setting up informational sessions for the congregation.  Arrangements were made for a video presentation that took place on Sunday, January 30, with three speakers/theologians representing views on human sexuality from Traditionalist, Centrist, and Progressive perspectives.  With the help of a subcommittee (Janis Collins, John Newell, and Henry Smith), a follow-up Question/Response presentation will occur with the same presenters, in the same video format, on Sunday, February 27. Please see the video presentation below from the Question/Response session.  

January 30 Presentation:

Next Steps


Please note- the question submission opportunity closed on Feb. 5

After viewing the “Gathering of Views on Human Sexuality and the Church” presentation, members of the congregation may have questions they would like to ask the presenters.  The following information outlines the process for asking questions. 

Who can submit questions? 

Any professing member of Grace United Methodist Church may submit a question.  

How can questions be submitted? 

Questions can be submitted in two ways: a digital submission via a Microsoft Form on Grace UMC’s website (simply click on the button below)OR a physical submission turned in to the “Question Submission” mailbox in the Church Office workroom.  Questions must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, February 5.  

What should be included in a question submission? 

Please include the following information on any question submission (either digital or physical): your name, your question(s), and which presenter(s) you wish to have respond to the question(s).  Please also consider including a contact number where the committee can reach you, if any clarification on your question is needed


Informational Response Q & A

Progressive View Remainder (6 min 11 sec)